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In India children from poor backgrounds often cannot afford school fees, school equipment or uniforms. Girls often have to drop out of school due to family pressures and medical bills are too high to afford. Many of these children don’t get to the chance develop their skills and certainly cannot afford college and university.

What we provide at Khushi:

We provide disadvantaged children with education into adulthood, vocational training, and good nutrition. Khushi also covers all the costs, arrangements and medical and dental checks to improve the quality of life for these vulnerable children.

Striving to improve our children’s future is what we are about here at Khushi. We aim to enable every child to fulfil their potential and therefore help theirfamilies and society as a whole too. We hope our children will grow up to experience this world as joyous and we endeavour to deliver this wish every day here at Khushi.

Khushi Charitable Society is a registered NGO, founded by Madeleine Mishra-Broekman & Anand Mehrotra in 2002.  Khushi has provided an education and better future for several thousand children over its near 20 year period. 

Our sister organisation Khushi Kids Netherlands is an ANBI registered foundation in Holland, which was also founded by Madeleine Mishra-Broekman



So how did all this begin?

It all started with someone seeing street children on garbage dumps and under bridges and wanting to do something about it.  In 2001 Madelien Mishra-Broekman visited Rishikesh, a city known in the west as the world capital of Yoga and where the Beatles came to see the Maharishi in the 1960’s. Set apart from the Ashrams and Yoga centres, it has around local 60,00 inhabitants many of which live in poverty. A lot of families live together in a single room and there are very little prospects of a child ever breaking out of this cycle. Parental drink problems and early school dropouts especially for girls are just some of the problems that beset these poorest of families. 

Madelien saw it as her mission to teach some of the local children. In 2002 Madelien began the project with just 25 children. This eventually saw Khushi blossom into a springboard that offers the children of Rishikesh a real chance for a decent life. And now we have 450 children and our family grows every year. 

Despite our name meaning ‘happiness’ in Hindi, running the Kushi Charitable Society is a serious business; it’s children’s future we are dealing with here after all. 

Where we are now

he coordination of the day-to-day running of Khushi has been in the hands of our onsite project manager Kapil Dev Bhisht for several years now. Kapil oversees all aspects of the Khushi operation. He manages our skilled teachers and our voluntary workers to help deliver all aspects of our education program.

We are constantly working on expanding our organisation so we can be of benefit to even more children. New courses for the kids are being introduced every year. Next year we plan to move to new larger premises. This new building will be modified for our purpose and will provide us with more classrooms and workshop space. The Khushi operation is going so well we are beginning to outgrow the building we currently occupy!


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Our Contact Details:

Project Manager

Mr. Kapil Dev Bisht
Mobile : +91-9997714068
E-mail: khushiprojects@yahoo.com


Khushi Vocational Center
Laxmi Lodge-328, Sheesham Jhari
Muni-ki-Reti, Rishikesh-249137

Registered Office:

Khushi Charitable Society
Ashriwad Kunj
Laxman Jhula
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302 India

Netherlands Office:

Stichting Khushi Kids Nederland,
Secretariaat Borneostraat 13
3742 DA Baarn
Telephone: +31-628164067
Email: info@khushikids.nl