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Sponsoring Education

Every child desrves to be healthy and have access to education.

This is where Khushi comes in. 

Our goal is to allow all our children to fulfill their potential and follow their dreams.

Kushi has three main programs through which we believe we can best achieve our goals and help our children achieve theirs. These are our sponsoring education program, our Skills Centre and finally our healthcare program. We also have our own shop in Rishikesh which features hand stitched products made by our students, the sale of which helps the girls who made directly and also helps fund our other Khushi programs. 


Sponsoring Education

We have people from all over the world who sponsor individual children. Khushi provides information to the last detail about all the costs involved and also show the progress of any child sponsored by an individual. 

With the help of kind donors and sponsors we currently provide everything required for the children’s primary education right up to college if required for 450 impoverished children. These children initially attend the local government primary school and then move on to college education sponsored by us. 

Once they leave college, if they show the aptitude, selected students are then sponsored into higher education and even degrees. But we need sponsors to come forward if we are to carry on supporting our brightest and best students and giving them the education they could previously only dream of. 

During the day we sponsor the children’s attendance in school and provide their uniforms and school equipment (bags, pens, stationary etc. etc.) so that they can get the basic education that is essential for a child. 

We also undertake the daily task of feeding all our children one healthy meal after school too to ensure their wellbeing. It’s also hard to learn on an empty stomach, something that we never allow to happen at Khushi. 

We also run an after school educational program for over 200 children students who need extra attention in subjects such as English and Maths held at the school.  There are also computer classes. In addition to all that we also provide yoga, singing and dancing, music and craft classes on Saturdays we also run extra activities too, so you can see Khushi is a very busy (and happy) family!  

We are desperately looking for people willing to sponsor children so we can reach out to more families. See our Support Us page or simply email our project manager Mr. Kapil Dev Bist khushiprojects@yahoo.com if you are interested in finding out more. 

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Our Contact Details:

Project Manager

Mr. Kapil Dev Bist
Mobile : +91-9997714068
E-mail: khushiprojects@yahoo.com


Khushi Vocational Center
Laxmi Lodge-328, Sheesham Jhari
Muni-ki-Reti, Rishikesh-249137
Reg. No : 853/2006-07

Registered Office:

Khushi Charitable Society
Ashriwad Kunj, Laxman Jhula
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Netherlands Office:

Stichting Khushi Kids Nederland,
Secretariaat Borneostraat 13
3742 DA Baarn
Telephone: +31-628164067
Email: info@khushikids.nl