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If you don’t wish to donate money maybe you could donate your time?

Would you like to join our international volunteers to help us give a child a better future? It could change your life and that of a child’s life for the better, forever. 

Khushi does not charge any fees to volunteer like so many of the charity organizations you may find on the Internet. Whilst volunteers are expected to pay their own accommodation and food expenses, each volunteer is paid in kind with love and smiles from the children!

Simply fill in our online form (see the drop down menu above, under volunteering or click here http://www.khushi.org.in/volunteer_form.php ). 

We can arrange airport pick up and drop off from either New Delhi Airport or our nearest airport Jolly Grant near Dehradun. We can also suggest many highly recommended guesthouses and hotels for you to stay in to suit all budgets. 

India is now a modern country and Rishikesh as the title 'world capital of yoga' suggests we have visitors from all over the world and there are many Ashrams and yoga courses here. And don't worry, if you are like me and love fresh coffee, this can be found in many of the cafes and restaurants, along with amazing food, service and views!

The Ashram where the Beatles stayed in the 1960's is a popular attraction and is officially called the Beatles Ashram now. There are many famous temples to visit and the evening arti ceremonies along the bank of the Ganges are a sight to behold. The Ganges runs through the centre of this holy city, with the mountainous jungle backdrop making this one of India's most beautiful cities. We can arange a tour with our older students or you can explore for yourself this most special of places. 

If you wish to speak to someone who has volunteered before and who can answer any questions or would like an informal chat feel free to drop Natalie Merringer an email nataliemerringer@gmail.com and she'll be happy to talk anything through with you.


Our volunteer programme would ensure that you are picked up from your guest house on your first day with us and then the day would be spent observing our different programmes here. Our senior project manager Kapil Dev Bist would explain how Khushi works and further discuss what you will be doing during our time here with us. 

Many volunteers teach English here, but don't worry you will have someone with you who speaks Hindi too! You can teach either the younger students or our older students (we go all the way up to year 13 and over). If you have a particular talent which you wish to utilise that is also an option. We have had our international volunteers teaching dance, yoga, stitching and crafts. 

If IT is something you are happy to help with, we have computer classes or you can help with the digital aspect of Khushi to connect and promote Khushi across the globe. 

We can tailor our volunteer programme to whatever your skills are or are interested in contributing to.  Feel free to contact our senior project manager Kapil Dev Bist khushiprojects@yahoo.com to discuss anything regarding volunteering here. 

We are a friendly and welcoming organization, so come along and join the fun, whilst making a profound difference the children’s lives and most probably your own too!

We welcome all volunteers, but would prefer to have visitors of one month or more. This is because the longer a volunteer stays the greater the impact they can have on our kids

Ideally the volunteer will work a minimum of 3 days a week, preferably more in the form of teaching, running workshops, helping with general projects, or helping in the shop.

We are always open to any volunteers though, so please contact us if you are interested.If you are visiting India why not let our manager know and we can arrange a visit for you, then you can see what we do first hand. You're always most welcome here at Khushi.  If you give your time, we will give ours. 

Here are an example of some recent volunteers, both old friends and new!

Yvonne Van Der Donck from the Netherlands, a volunteer as well as valued supporter (for over 12 years!) and is currently covering medical costs for some of our children. 

Dianna Alli D'Souza from Canada has been coming to teach English here for 3 months for the past six years as well as maintaining the internet costs here at Khushi. 

Vanessa Le Maistre from the USA. Her fundraising activities at home raised money for all our stationary needs for the academic year starting 2019 and she brought 200 books with her too!Next year she hopes to raise even more money for us and volunteer for 6 months if her studies allow!

Gill Robinson - From Canada who taught her wonderful English classes and sponsors 2 girls from 9th grade.

Lilly Tan – From Singapore who helped improve our store products. Her great training and also her contribution to support one girl from the class is also very appreciated. 

Madaleena Billeci - Our amazing dance choreographer who is taught dance for 6 months

Gokul Singh Bist, Lecturer at Poornanand Degree College of Information Technology – teaching English for 2 months.

Sabrina from France – teaching English and Computer Skills for 3 months.

Shane Bordoli from the UK -  Teaching English and designing digital content for 2 months. 

Veronica from Italy – training in the store and Khushi promotion materials.

Verena from Argentina – stitching program and school painting

& visitors

Mr Vishnu Katchia from India  

Mr Vishal Patel from Leicester UK (dressed as Santa!) along with Ms Ricki Blakesberg from the USA too. Christmas came early when these guys visited! 

Natalie Merringer from the Netherlands 

Ruben Karmali from the UK

Our Visitors Book

The following were kind enough to come and see us and provide workshops, donations and or gifts for which we are very thankful. 

"I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be welcomed and exposed to the amazing work Khushi is providing for the local community. I think you are making a huge positive impact keep it up, you are changing the world!" Anthony Bravey (December 2018) 

"I am very pleased and thankful to the director of this organisation for providing me with the opportunity to work with this charitable society. My experience of this organisation was wonderful." Atal malik (December 2018)

"Thank you for expanding the beauty of learning. I heard about Khushi through friends. Everyone here is so beautiful. Love to you all. Love Ricki." Ricki Blakesberg (December 2018)

“I came to rishikesh. I learned about myself. I learned to give. So I came to Khushi and with some help from friends and family I provided a donation. Please, please, please keep up the great work and I will return some day soon to meet you all again and see the transformations happening all around us. Love always. Vishal". Vishal Patel (December 2018)

“I really enjoyed looking at your school. I found the doll making really interesting, it was my favourite:" H Katchia (Oct 2018)

“I really enjoyed seeing Khushi and I hope I’ll come here again and continue my visit to Khushi". Soham Shah (Oct 2018)

“Thank you Kapil for showing me this beautiful school. I am very impressed and moved and I plan to come back again. Namaste.” Sandra Lilliehook (Sept 2018)

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