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Success Stories

Pooja Singh is 23 years old and now working in an Ayurvedic store in Rishikesh. She has completed her one year certificate in naturopathy and completed a yoga course and a computer course here at Khushi. 

Pooja Singh says:

There are 5 members in my family. We live in a rented house and depend on my father's low income. When I came to Khushi, I was very happy to see many children studying and taking part in different courses. It was a great opportunity for me to continue my education. I studied yoga and naturopathy at Khushi, which was very useful for me in getting a job. I am now working in an Ayurvedic shop in the Rishikesh market and earning 8 thousand rupees per month. 

I am very thankful to all the Khushi teachers for guiding me and helping me a lot during Covid-19. Our street was completely blocked in the Corona crisis as Corona patients were found in our locality, but Khushi was there to help us out. Khushi distributed all the essential things like flour, rice, salt, vegetables and oil.

I want to thank the Sattva Yoga Academy Rishikesh and our Chairman Mr Anand Mehrotra Sir for providing us with food and medical help during the Corona times.

I am very happy to have a job, and for this achievement, I am grateful to the entire Khushi team, teachers, volunteers and sponsors who helped me become a successful person in life. Thank you, Khushi 

Manoj Kumar

Manoj is one of our oldest students and has been connected with Khushi from its beginning. Now he is a teacher at Khushi and has done his BSc (Bachelor of Science) and a 1-year course in ICA (Institute of Chartered accountant).

Manoj Says:

"When I was just 6 months old, my mother passed away, and my dad got re-married and moved to Rishikesh. I was left taking care of my 2 elder siblings in our village. After 6 years, my parents brought me to Rishikesh. Everyone loved me, but I was missing the love from my own mum.

In 2002, I was 8 years old when I first joined Khushi. It was like a second home for me. I didn't feel a lack of love because of the love from teachers and volunteers. They loved me then and continue to love me now. 

I got many opportunities through Khushi to learn and build myself a career. If Khushi hadn't supported me, I would be working in a small village without a future.

During one summer vacation, I had a motorbike accident, lost my index finger on my left hand, and had many fractures. Due to that, I had 3 operations and was bedridden for 11 months. I am deeply thankful to Anand Mehrotra and Mrs Madelien Mishra, the founders of Khushi, for covering all the expenditures like medical support and education fees.

Once again, Khushi supported me in my further studies, and I now have a BSc (Bachelor of Science) degree from P.G. College Dehradun. I also completed the 1 year of ICA (Institute of Certificate Accountant) course, which provided me with the qualification and knowledge to teach mathematics to senior students at Khushi. 

In 2017, I was in another accident, fractured my same hand and had more surgery. Khushi supported me a lot. Khushi then allowed me to teach Tally (accounting) and maths. 

I have been teaching Mathematics for more than 8 years at Khushi and Tally for more than 2 years.

I am preparing for government exams in Banking, Railway, P.O. (Post Officer) and other prestigious government roles.

Due to family pressure and the traditional thinking of my parents, I got married in 2018. There are 5 members of my beautiful family (my parents, wife, son, and myself).

My message to upcoming students is: if you want to achieve something, you should always listen to your heart & that's what I did! THANK YOU SO MUCH"

Pooja is 22 years old and now working as an attendant in the prestigious AIIMS hospital here in Rishikesh. At Khushi, she did a 1-year naturopathy course where she learned how to help treat people and did a Yoga course.

Pooja Says:

"I joined the organisation in 2019 at age 19, and it was a big opportunity for me, and I began to learn naturopathy and yoga.

There are 3 members in my family. My father died last year during the Covid period & it was a big loss for all of us, but somebody had to stand up and take care of our family, so my mother did. She covered our basic needs by working as a physiotherapist in a private hospital.

I wanted to contribute to the financial support of our home. Fortunately, one day I heard about a vacancy in the AIIMS hospital. I had already completed a doctor's assistant course with the help of Khushi and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojna (PMKVY). And I got the job! 

Today I am happy to give my services to the AIIMS hospital and support my mother. For all this, I would like to thank Khushi from the bottom of my heart."


Ravi Chauhan  



"I came to Khushi 5 years ago when I started yoga classes here. Since then the teachers have shown me the way and now Khushi is like family to me. The whole Khushi project has been such a great help and I would like to thank them for changing my life. 
My family condition was very bad and I could not study further but Khushi helped me and I was able to finish my studies and persue a career". 
"My dream is to become a technician in any big electrical company, but because of my family condition, I had so many difficulties to continue my studies after 12th grade.  My father is the only person who earns money in my family doing plumbing work and most of the time he is sick. I have to go to work with him sometimes. We don't have our own house.

After I got to know Khushi it is big difference in my life now. I am able to work with my dream. I have completed 2 years diploma course for an electrical technician from famous IT institute Naveen ITI in Haridwar. 

My college has selected me several times for training in companies like Solar Limited Company.  Again now I am selected for Gurguam & Sri Ram Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant. I will join one of these companies from the 1st of February onwards. 

I have finished my graduation. In the afternoons give help back to Khushi by teaching tabla and also helping with cooking for all the children. 

I am now preparing for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) exams. 

Without Khushi I would not have these chances to fulfill my dream. Thank you Khushi team."

Sheela Rajbhar

Sheela graduated from Shri dev Suman University Uttarakhand and has now passed the 1st year of her diploma in hotel management from UIHMT with flying colours. She even received a letter of recommendation from the hotel manager where she completed her placement (Spectrum Hotel Group). 

She is now completing another six months of job training. She will be provided with a salary and accommodation at a 5-star hotel in Bangalore! Where she continues to get commendations aplenty from guests and management. For example, she has an employee of the month award and also received a guest review saying "ask for Sheela in the restaurant, she is the best server and so warm and friendly". 

Sheela says: "My mother played a big part in my success so far, as well as Khushi. After my father died, we didn’t have financial support and it became harder to get an education. 

To improve the situation my mother started collecting wood from the forest to sell so she could provide for us and our future. After I completed my 12th grade my mother wasn’t able to handle the cost of my education for higher studies because of her ill health, she has cancer. That's when I met Khushi.

Thank you so much to the Khushi founder, manager, teachers and volunteers for supporting me". 

Sheela already has her passport and wants to do "a world tour" using her talent, qualifications and training in hotel management to achieve this. These are big and yet achievable dreams for a student from a very poor background, but who now has the necessary means for higher education, world-class training and her own steely determination.



Chandan Kumar

Chandan is 21 and now a graduate with a BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) and an MCom (Master of Commerce) degree thanks to his hard work during his Khushi sponsorship. He's currently working at the front desk at an expensive hotel here in Rishikesh to gain more experience.

"Someday I hope to be working for one of the best Airlines such as Qatar Airlines. My first month's earnings will go towards purchasing a washing machine for my mother.  I will find the means to help my father and buy a gift for my older brother and younger sister who have it hard as well”.

"My father worked as a labourer whenever there was work earning Rs. 300 a day I saw my father carry heavy 50 kg gunnysacks on his back without a complaint." His mother he says “has been our anchor of hope, refuge and strength". Chandan persuaded a food vendor to let him wash dishes from 5 pm to midnight earning Rs. 15 a day - he reflects on this first job with pride. 

Chandan is eternally grateful to Khushi for opening many doors. Khushi sponsored Chandan through his B.Com and M.Com at HNB Garhwal University. We also sponsored him through an NSCD Diploma in World Air Hostess training. He studied this at one of the premier institutes in the whole of Asia, the Frank Finn Institute of Air Hostess Training, located in Dehradun. 

He highlights a few key players in his life at Khushi. "First and foremost the founder of Khushi Mrs Madelien Mishra Broekman and Chairman Anand Mehrotra for giving me the opportunity to join Khushi, my kind sponsor who has covered the costs of my higher studies. My English teacher, Diana Alli D'souza and Kapil Dev Bist, the project manager of Khushi for his unfailing support and faith in me”. 

More optimistic than ever, he's moving toward a bright future and stable life for himself and his family.


Sagar Khanduri

Sagar Khanduri is 20 years old and studies at the University of Commerce here in Rishikesh. Having been with us since he was 9, he now works with us as one of our volunteers. Sagar has become an integral part of the day-to-day running of Kushi and teaches yoga privately too. He is even teaching classes on the prestigious teaching training programme at the ashram where he works too!

“I was in the 3rd grade when I joined Khushi. It was here that I learned to read and write.” Sagar said. He has come a long way in a few short years and is enjoying being actively involved in giving back to the organisation that gave him his chance.

Always with a big smile on his face and ready for action, Sagar is now an important part of our Khushi family. He spends his free time helping us at the Skills Development Center teaching yoga and teaching English in our after school classes at the school when required. His self-taught Photoshop skills and his interest in social media are just a few of the additional skills he brings to us.

A normal day at Khushi involves Sagar sitting in front of a computer working on the latest poster or banner and discussing with the manager what else needs to be done for the day.

He discovered a passion for Yoga after attending one of our morning yoga classes. He felt drawn toward yoga and this became his grand passion in life. Sagar then attended an intensive external course and obtained a yoga teacher certificate. He now teaches the morning class himself and private classes too.

Whilst moving towards being a graphic designer, yoga will always be in his heart. He believes yoga connects people and his dream is to travel the world spreading the knowledge of yoga.

In a world without Khushi, Sagar would not be attending university and would have probably become a mechanic in his uncle’s workplace.

“Between B (birth) and D (death), there is the only letter: C. This letter stands for choice. You have to choose your future and that is what Khushi gave me the opportunity to do” Sagar said.

We are very proud of Sagar and pleased we were able to offer him a choice in life, something that he would have otherwise been without.


Preeti Shah

Preeti Shah is 19 years old and is in the final year of her degree at the University of Commerce. She is also a certified industrial accountant having attended a yearlong course also sponsored by Khushi. She is now working as an accountant with an income tax advocate here in Rishikesh too.

“I love love, love accounting. It’s my dream job and I want to grow this into a successful career” Preeti said.

At first glance, Preeti will give the impression of a shy, beautiful young woman interested in modelling, dancing and acting like most Indian girls of her age. As you get to know her one discovers her seriousness, steady determination and a steadfastly realistic approach to life.

In her role as the income tax advocate, she calculates income taxes and gives additional help in the office. The numbers and calculations are what make the job interesting to her.

In 10 years' time, she sees herself working in the Finance department of a large multinational company either in Delhi, Mumbai or overseas. She says she would ideally be married and in her free time would help the Khushi family in whatever way she could.

When asked what is the thing she dislikes most, her answer is “wasting time”. Her free time is very important to her and she spends it mostly with her family or studying. “Family, career and thinking about the future are the most important things for me,” Preeti said. After completing the university course she plans to take a Master of Business Administration (MBA) course.

Over the years, Preeti has shown us what focus and determination can achieve. We are confident that she has the strength to achieve anything she plans in her life. She has made us very proud and she is a great role model for the remaining girls in Khushi.


Sapna Pandey

Sapna Pandey is 17 years old and studies at the IT College Uttaranchal University. She is outgoing, positive and funny, with a strong sense of her own destiny to change society for the better. We have high hopes of her fulfilling her dreams.

Sapna's dream is to become a lawyer, fight for the rights of the impoverished and change her community. Child labour is one of the topics she is not afraid to debate. "For poor families, bread comes first and education next". Children are sometimes forced to work at an early age and although it is illegal in India, little is being done on raising awareness of the issues. "Children have to be provided education and their families with work opportunities". That's why Sapna strongly believes her destiny is to create a "sister Khushi"- an organization like ours that will support both children and their families.

"I trust God gave me a good destiny" is what Sapna says when she tries to explain how she sees her future. "I have a good family, good friends and good teachers to advise me".

Her friends see her as a kind and happy friend, always ready to help but also sometimes with too strong an opinion. "Don't be a leader, you cannot do anything to change things" is what she often hears. But she is set to prove them wrong by her example.

We at Khushi are very proud of Sapna. When she first came into our lives she was a timid little girl, hiding behind her grandmother. To see her flourish into the young woman she became fills our hearts with joy and pride. We hope to be standing by her every step in her journey and see her healthy, happy and fulfilling her destiny!


Dilip Singh: "Khushi has been a turning point in my life"

Dilip is a brilliant student who, thanks to Khushi, grew into what he is now. Dilip is currently following a bachelor's degree in pharmacy at a renowned university for medical sciences. He has just reached the first year of his degree and is getting good grades. 

The 19-year-old Dilip Singh joined Khushi in 2004 when he was eleven years old. He had great dreams: he wanted to become a doctor or a pharmacist at that time. As a child, he remembers how many people lived in bitter poverty in his village, without access to medical care or medication. These problems in the field of health changed the course of his life. His family moved from a poor village in Bihar to Rishikesh in search of a better life. Dilip is the only son of a family mother Suman, father Prashad and his four sisters.

Dilip: "Khushi has been a springboard for me and has helped me in every way possible. I am who I am now, thanks to the guidance and endless possibilities that Khushi and the team have given me, such as the great training and enriching extracurricular activities during my primary school, high school and now at the university. I can not often express my gratitude to Khushi and all the sponsors who have supported me financially to achieve my goal. I have been able to achieve so many successes. Without Khushi I would be nothing today, it meant a turning point in my life. By helping Khushi in the evening to serve. 


Jyoti Gusain

Jyoti has almost graduated from the University of Garhwal. She has worked very hard, despite having been very ill last year. Khushi helped her with her medical and study costs. Jyoti also teaches other children at Khushi.


Raj Kishore Shah wants to become a software developer. 

Raj Kishore Shah is a promising student in our Khushi program, currently following a BCA study (Bachelor of Computer Application) in Rishikesh. Raj Kishore wants to become a software developer. This year he was the best in his class.


Abhishek Bisht has found a job as a data entry employee.

Abhishek Bisht follows a bachelor's degree in commercial sciences at the University of Garhwal. Recently, he completed a computer course at Khushi. After this, he found a job as a data entry employee at an institution in Rishikesh.



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