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Here's what some of our previous volunteers have to say.

"THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH, you gave me the opportunity to teach amazing kids, meet adorable volunteers and make myself happy! Khushi will always be in my heart, I love you." Vinicius Goes Nogveita de Sá (March 2020) 

"What an amazing experience! Thank you for welcoming me into the Khushi family - please know you will always be a part of my family as well. I look forward to being a part of the next Khushi generation". Louise Barker-Simpson (Sept 2019)

“I love Khushi it’s the best NGO in Rishikesh."  Natlalie Merringie (Oct 2018)

"I had an incredible experience volunteering in this school. I'm feeling so grateful. Children and teachers are amazing." Verena Zech (March 2018)

"I can’t overestimate how much I enjoyed my time at Khushi. I know it sounds like a cliché but it changed my outlook on life for the better. The sense of fulfilment and enjoyment of being involved with this NGO was all I could have hoped for. During my two months there I taught English (always with a Hindi speaking teacher alongside me!) and worked on their digital content. I made good friends, both with members of staff and older students. It's not a time I will forget quickly and would recommend this experience to anyone looking to volunteer in India". Shane Bordoli (December 2018)

"I’ve always been attracted to volunteering. In my role as a teacher, I acted as a mentor to older students too. I’ve always wanted to work with smaller children. I taught English for 2 months in Khushi’s after school programme, which I enjoyed very much.  These children are very enthusiastic learners. I am very happy to have had the chance to teach the Khushi children. I recommend this to anyone that feels like giving back to the community. I am very thankful to the Khushi team to have allowed me this opportunity to teach the children. I will come back soon to this great Organization.” Gokul Singh Bist (January 2018). Lecturer at Poornananda Degree College of Information Technology.


Many of our volunteers and supporters come back year after year. Here's a list of just a few: 

Yvonne Van Der Donck from the Netherlands volunteered as a valued supporter (for over 12 years!).  We will never forget her kindness. 

Dianna Alli D'Souza from Canada has been coming to teach English here for 3 months for the past six years as well as maintaining the internet costs here at Khushi. 

Raluca Gherghe from Romania (living and working in Amsterdam) has been visiting and supporting us for 7 years and sponsoring children too! 

Vanessa Le Maistre - From the USA. Her fundraising activities at home raised money for all our stationery needs for the academic year starting 2019 and she brought 200 books with her too! Next year she hopes to raise even more money for us and volunteer for 6 months if her studies allow!

Gill Robinson - From Canada, she taught her wonderful English classes and sponsors two girls from 9th grade.

Lilly Tan – From Singapore who helped improve our store products. Her great training and also her contribution to supporting one girl from the class are also very appreciated. 

Madalena Billeci - Our amazing dance choreographer who is taught dance for 6 months

Gokul Singh Bist, Lecturer at Poornanand Degree College of Information Technology – Teaching English for 2 months.

Sabrina from France – Teaching English and Computer Skills for 3 months.

Veronica from Italy – Training in the store and Khushi promotion materials.

Verena from Argentina – Teaching on the stitching programme and school painting too. 


Our Visitors Book

The following were kind enough to come and see us and provide workshops, donations and or gifts for which we are very thankful.

"It was such a great pleasure to get involved at the Khushi Centre. I received a very warm welcome and I got the chance to teach some basic first aid. The kids and teachers were so sweet and it left such a positive impression on me. Keep up with the good learning and the great vibes. This school has so much to offer. Thank you so much for the self-made presents I received from the kids for the workshops I gave. I will spread the word when I am back at home for support. God bless you all. Thank you so much" Gabriele Shears (Nov 2020) 

"Had a really amazing time visiting Khushi! What an amazing project! The children were so adorable. A very inspiring place - I wish you guys all the luck and success in the world" Safari Jackson (Nov 2020)

"It is such a pleasure from the bottom of my heart to serve the Khushi kids and school. You are doing such an excellent job! Keep up the great work. They are turning out great" Vanessa LeMasistre (April 2019)

"I am so grateful to experience the joy and hard work at Khushi. It is such a beautiful school. I hope to spend more time in the Autumn" Nicole Guzzo (April 2019)

"What a wonderful project, wonderful people" Janine Peng (March 2019)

"It was so amazing to see this important work done here" Michael Scheitsenreiter (March 2019)

"Really astonished about this great project. I will help you where I can, keep in contact" Miel Kusters (March 2019)

"Congratulations to everybody here at Khushi. It's an amazing job you're doing for the future generations" Oliver Janiky (Feburary 2019)

"I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be welcomed and exposed to the amazing work Khushi is providing for the local community. I think you are making a huge positive impact keep it up, you are changing the world!" Anthony Bravey (December 2018) 

"I am very pleased and thankful to the director of this organisation for providing me with the opportunity to work with this charitable society. My experience of this organisation was wonderful." Atal malik (December 2018)

"Thank you for expanding the beauty of learning. I heard about Khushi through friends. Everyone here is so beautiful. Love to you all. Love Ricki." Ricki Blakesberg (December 2018)

“I came to Rishikesh. I learned about myself. I learned to give. So I came to Khushi and with some help from friends and family, I provided a donation. Please, please, please keep up the great work and I will return someday soon to meet you all again and see the transformations happening all around us. Love always. Vishal". Vishal Patel (December 2018)

“I really enjoyed looking at your school. I found the doll making really interesting, it was my favourite:" H Katchia (Oct 2018)

“I really enjoyed seeing Khushi and I hope I’ll come here again and continue my visit to Khushi". Soham Shah (Oct 2018)

“Thank you, Kapil for showing me this beautiful school. I am very impressed and moved and I plan to come back again. Namaste.” Sandra Lilliehook (Sept 2018)




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